Reflections on Slavery, Servitude and Reparations

This past week, national discourse again focused on the idea of reparations for historic injustice, specifically in relation to reparations for the descendants of slaves. The brutality of servitude, both indentured and forced, is not quantifiable, and slavery was abolished in the USA with…

The Economic Impact of a Plague

Bizarre how pandemics alter the universe.

Exhibit A: The United States, April 2020
*Exhibit B: The US, September 2020

*A: The price of crude oil = negative $37.63/barrel
*B: September= roughly $43/barrel

*A: US total deaths from COVID-19 =17,229
*B: September=177,177

*A: US unemployment = 18%
*B: September=8.4%

*A: US…

Mary Mac Ogden

Women are divided into two classes- those who are doing things and those who are not- Do something that makes you proud!

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