Reflections on Slavery, Servitude and Reparations

This past week, national discourse again focused on the idea of reparations for historic injustice, specifically in relation to reparations for the descendants of slaves. The brutality of servitude, both indentured and forced, is not quantifiable, and slavery was abolished in the USA with…

In an address to Congress on December 8th, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt described December 7th as “a date which will live in infamy.” The decimation of the US Naval fleet at Pearl Harbor led Congress to declare war against Japan and within days, Japan and its allies, Germany and…

French scholar Michel Foucault captured the centrality of the body in the politics of oppression when claiming it as an “object and target of power, a field on which the hierarchies of power are displayed and inscribed.” Despite woman’s natural reproductive power, for most of western history a patriarchal culture…

The OH SNAP of 18% Unemployment in the Age of COVID-19

Masks. Social Distancing. Neighbors yelling salutations across cul de sacs and apartment hallways. Grocery shopping in one direction. No gatherings of more than 10 people. Arbitrary rules in an unprecedented moment. As Thomas Paine declared, “these are the times that try men’s souls” (and all the genders sheltering at home).

The Economic Impact of a Plague

Bizarre how pandemics alter the universe.

Exhibit A: The United States, April 2020
*Exhibit B: The US, September 2020

*A: The price of crude oil = negative $37.63/barrel
*B: September= roughly $43/barrel

*A: US total deaths from COVID-19 =17,229
*B: September=177,177

*A: US unemployment = 18%
*B: September=8.4%

*A: US…

The Impact of a War

The Civil War (1861–1865) ripped the nation apart and cost over 620,000 lives, approximately 2% of the population (what today equals six million people).

Reflections on a Funeral

This past Saturday, the funeral of Prince Philip- Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen of England’s husband (for those unaware)- displayed the sacrosanct traditions of the British monarchy to millions of viewers around the world. From the music to the stylized Range Rover that carried his…

How to restore civil discourse in an age of identity politics, government expansion and a pandemic is the question of the hour. Words carry small oceans on their backs, and in a country where Cardi B’s WAP is the song of 2021 (just look at TikTok), language is political. For…

Ex Parte Tillman was a divorce case, child custody case and legal watershed rolled up into a battle heard before the South Carolina Supreme Court in 1909. Lucy Dugas Tillman eventually won custody of her children but had to wage war against a deeply unjust political and legal machine in…

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a global day of awareness that celebrates women’s achievements and the continued struggle for women’s equality around the globe. Started in 1911, this day is a great time to reflect on women in history who rose to the #choosetochallenge slogan of the 2021 IWD…

Mary Mac Ogden

Women are divided into two classes- those who are doing things and those who are not- Do something that makes you proud!

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